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Make a difference, locally and internationally, while providing valuable health care services to those in need.


Nursing Bridges Healthcare is operated exclusively as a non-profit organization. We’re dedicated to alleviating poverty, delivering essential health care services through the prevention and treatment of diseases via community-based clinics, mobile clinics and health centers.


Nursing Bridges is an equal opportunity healthcare provider and does not discriminate based on ethnic group, color, age, religion, disability, or gender. Our main objective is to provide healthcare and health education to disenfranchised individuals and communities.


In conformity to our goals and objectives, Nursing Bridges is engaged in annual medical mission trips to Africa and quarterly health screening project in the local community. During these trips we provide health screening, diagnosis, treatment and various other healthcare related services.

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We believe in individual empowerment through education and training. Join Nursing Bridges Inc. to learn, travel, and help those in need.

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